Production Lines

    • Bakery industry.
    • Pastry industry.
    • Confectionary industry.
    • Biscuit industry and derivatives.
    • Pizza industry and derivatives.
    • Ice-cream industry: ice-cream cakes and semifreddos (semi-frozen desserts).
    • Chocolate industry: bonbons and pralines.
    • Sweet industry: caramels, marzipan, nougats and toffee.
    • Pastry industry specialities: fermented dough – panettone, pandoro, croissant and brioche.
    • Cake industry specialities: sponges – sponge cakes, cupcakes and muffins.
    • Bakery industry specialities: baguette, ciabatta, pain de campagne, white bread, talega de Córdoba, rosetta bread, multigrain bread – soy, whole wheat and white whole wheat.
    • Industrial bakery specialities: sliced loaf of bread and toasted loaf of bread – with and without crust and all the different types.
    • All the lines can be fully automated or semi-automated.

Ferré & Consulting - Consultoria sector panadero, pastelero y heladero
Ferré & Consulting - Consultoria industria panadera, pastelera y heladera